Social Media Citizens want rewards

November 11, 2009

If someone really knows Social Media – it’s Razorfish. I’ve been following their reports for the last few years and I always wait for their new report with a bit of excitement as they always have some great insights to share about the lives of Social Media Citizens or as they call it “Connected consumer”. Their new research “FEED: The 2009 Razorfish Digital Brand Experience Report” is not an exception. One of the key observations was the growing level of  “brand evangelism”   on social media properties is affecting sales:

“Digital is not simply an “awareness” play; it’s a customer-creation play. According to our study, the overwhelming majority of consumers who actively engage with a brand  can evolve from passive reactors to advocates almost instantaneously. On average, 97% report increased brand awareness; 98% show increased consideration; 97% will likely purchase a product from the brand; and 96% may recommend the brand to their friends <…> 64% of consumers report making a first purchase from a brand because of a digital experience.

Well i think it’s not such a surprise that positive brand experiences can drive sales, but it would be really interesting to find out how negative experiences affect them and how important is “to get it right” in social media.

Another very interesting observation is what “connected consumers” are expecting from brands on social media properties. Well, according to Razorfish, its all about the rewards (deals, coupons, discounts and etc.), although the Content strategy and CRM has a big influence as well. socia media citizens

It clearly shows that consumers want something materialized in return for their participation and only conversations won’t do. Therefore, companies have to come up with the strategies which are not based  on the nice words, but on valuable ……………(well, that’s for you to decide).

The strategy behind the new Facebook layout

October 29, 2009

The only reasonable explanation for the recent changes in Facebook layout is actually quite simple – the company is trying to teach its users how to use Facebook. With increasing competition from other social networks like Twitter, the company is loosing its competitive advantage  as it is  getting harder and harder to differentiate itself from other networks, therefore it has to make these uneasy decisions. If you look back to the history of Facebook you can easily notice what’s happening:

1. Almost a  year ago Facebook had a completelly different look, but quite similar stories on the personal feed: “Updates” separated from “Links”, “… added a friend” stories and etc. 

2. With a new layout they introduce a Twitter like “News feed” and “Friends lists” which until now was not used by as many people as expected. The “… added a friend” stories disappeared from the “News feed”, but  stayed on your profile.

3.  Recently, Facebook got back to its routes by separating “Updates” from the “Links” and bringing back “The highlights” section (the column which used to be on the right hand side above the” Events and Birthdays” listings)   to the “News feed”. But it is quite important to mention that they left an option to go to the “Live feed”what basically is your old Facebook layout.

Well playing with all these feeds is just a bit confusing, but it seems that Facebook wants people to notice these additional features on the  left column (where all the lists are available).

It seems like Facebook strategy was to explain their functionality to its users – the company wanted to show that it can be like Twitter, but also that Facebook is not Twitter, as it has much more functionality and features. It would be really interesting to hear your opinion what  were there reason for this change ?

Crisis equals Opportunity

October 20, 2009


Just wanted to share this powerful talk by John Gerzema. He argues that there’s an upside to the recent financial crisis – the opportunity for positive change. The interesting point that he makes is that not only businesses can benefit from this crisis, but also consumers themselves – simply by trying harder to be better. Social web is a good a example of it, we as Social Media Citizens are accumulating the knowledge and sharing it for the lowest cost possible. Well, check it out yourself and let me know your opinion.

Windows 7 Launch Party – most boring viral video ever?

October 5, 2009

I am not too sure about you but I almost fell a sleep from the curiosity what happens next watching this video. It doesn’t tick any boxes for a normal viral video, well maybe one that it is recorded in a “real” setting, with artificial lighting creating strange shadows in the kitchen. Anyhow, it definitely got my attention so maybe it works after all. Even though it is a great risk spreading the awareness in such kind of way, because if i was quite eager to try Windows 7 , the chances of actually doing so has been reduced by half. So what do you think about this crazy Microsoft’s idea?

The Gadgets of the Future: The Microsoft Courier

September 30, 2009

It seems that the future for Social Media Citizens looks bright, as so many new gadgets are coming on the market which definitely will make our lives much more easier and interactive. One of them is Microsoft Courier. The information was leaked about this new Microsoft device development which looks pretty amazing – just watch it yourself.

According to Gizmodo, the main features of this device are:

Two screens, a mashup of a pen-dominated interface with several types of multitouch finger gestures, and multiple graphically complex themes, modes and applications. Microsoft’s tablet heritage is digital ink-oriented, and this interface, while unlike anything we’ve seen before, clearly draws from that, its work with the Surface touch computer and even the Zune HD.”

Mashable suggests that it will be a great publishing device, but reconsideration of applications’ installation will be needed on Microsoft behalf.

I am quite excited about it, what about you?

Twitter parody

September 29, 2009

No serious stuff for today. Needed to relax and clear my head a bit so was checking out this cool “Top Twitter parody list” on Mashable while accidently received another video from a friend. It’s simple, fun and brilliant – really tops the list for me. Check it out !

5 reasons NOT to use Social Media

September 22, 2009


If you are spending a lot of time within the social media properties like Facebook, Twitter and etc. you can easily notice that “Teletubbies” vibe going on – everyone is just so loving, kind and respectful:) Well, let me tell you this –  Social Media is no Teletubbia:) in fact, if i have to compare business relationships within social media with some real life example it would  be far away from Microsoft couple’s example (advertiser vs. consumer)  – I would probably go for  “Rich daddy/Hustler” and the “Gold digger” girlfriend example;)

Its not  a joke,  just be honest with yourself and you will see it’s true. Don’t kid yourself because consumers are so “after your money” – in fact we (Social Media Citizens) are the worst as we are  media and web savvy, we know what to expect and what we can and have to get for the price we pay, and, of course, we want to pay the lowest price possible for the best service available :)

But the good  thing from the company’s perspective,  is that the “Daddy” (company) which is willing to make some effort (provide at least some  attention or monetary incentive) will never be left unnoticed, in fact he’s going to be repaid with much more at “his place” ;)

So here are these 5 reasons to keep in mind before going to engage in Social Media:

1. Time – If you don’t have enough time to spare for the  most important person in your life  just don’t do business with him/her, because it is simple logic – this person (consumer/your biggest stakeholder) will not have time to spend on you.

2. Resources – You always have to be willing to drop a penny here and there , just to make sure that your partner is happy (free e-books and etc). Don’t even start engaging if you are not sure about your ability to keep the conversation going. You have to have resources for consistent and continuous conversation.

3. Authenticity (not being yourself) – If you are trying to show off or to impress someone too much it can end up really badly. People will never want to come back to you if sell yourself too strong or  too quickly (i.e. from the first tweet ).

4. Openness – You just have to be open and transparent with you partners as without Openness and Transparency there is no Trust and without Trust there are No Relationships.

5. Love – An honest wish to connect and love  someone else – not just yourself would be required by the consumers. You have to love your customers first for them to start loving you.

Well just to sum up, I think like in any other working relationship, even if this relationship is between two really competitive sides if you just want take not to give your relationship is  damned to  fail.

“Must-Try” toolkit of Social Media Citizen Vol. 1

July 14, 2009


After a very positive response to  “The “Must-Have” Tool Kit of Social Media Citizen“  post on, I’ve decided to continue sharing the lists of tools which can add value, help to organize or just to put a smile on your face while browsing within the social media waters. Some of them might be not new , but  still worth mentioning and trying . I don’t believe that you will be bothered to read a long review about the service/tool so just included the slogans which are meant to reflect what the product/service does or stands for. Did they get it ? Ok just try it yourself !!!


Media platforms & Social Networks– “What are you working on?” – “Your own microblogging community” – “All the topics, all the time”


Tools & Apps – NO slogan,  so we’ll call it – “A set of online tools for Social Media Citizens:) – “Roses are red, Violets are blue, I dig widgets don’t you?” – A toolkit from Nielsen BuzzMetrics.


Just for Fun – “Good reviews come in small packages”. – “The simplest way to discover and share everything interesting”. “Share your knowledge, Earn money”.


July 9, 2009

Just wanted to share this Google Talk with Chris Anderson from Wired. I really loved the discussion about  the free economy and the concept of “freemium” .  It seems like all major websites has adopted or trying to adopt this business model and I really believe in it – first of all, it is good for  us (Social Media Citizens) as most of the things comes for free, secondly, it might provide healthy profits for the service providers  i love to make them competitive in the market. So in two words it is a WIN-WIN.

Social Media Citizens news: Surprising new data from Facebook

July 7, 2009

Hi, just some quick news on the table. Well, the last data from just confirms the point made in my earlier post about Social Media Citizens (“Gen X + Gen Y = Social Media Citizens?“). The usage by the age group differs minimally, even though the adoption seems to be a bit slower for older generations.


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